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We invite you on a journey through a land of wine and stone.
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The Priorat Region

The merchants and traders of Phoenicia, the ancient region of modern Lebanon, first introduced grape vines to Priorat between c.1500-332 BCE.

By the time the Roman Empire reached its prime, wines from Priorat were praised by poets and historians alike, most notably Martial, Pliny and Virgil.

After the fall of Rome in the 4th Century, there was a general decline in wine production, mainly due to the Islamic dietary laws of the ruling population.

It was not until the Christians reconquered Spain in the 12th Century that wine production began to recover and vines were cultivated once again.

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About our Vineyard
Our estate has 32 hectares of the finest vineyards in Priorat with the oldest vines being over 100 years of age. We were rated the #1 winery in Priorat in a 10 year blind tasting among our peers by the top critics, sommeliers and international judges. In addition to grapes, we also cultivate almonds and olives on the estate, and we release a very tiny quantity of extraordinary olive oil each year.
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Our Winemaker
Josep Angel Mestre was raised in the town of Falset, known as the "capital" of the D.O.Q. Priorat. The Mestre family has been producing wine in the Priorat region for over 50 years and it was his intense love for his surrounding countryside and an interest in the practice of wine-making that prompted Josep Angel to begin studying both viticulture and enology at a very early age.
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Our Products
Vines, like people, often reach their peak in the face of adversity. This highly limited cuvée is hand made from 100-year-old vines that suffer daily to survive in dense slate soils on steep hillsides.
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Different experiences, different series, all Head wines. Feel free to choose.
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