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Our estate has 32 hectares of the finest vineyards in Priorat with the oldest vines being over 100 years of age. We were rated the #1 winery in Priorat in a 10 year blind tasting among our peers by the top critics, sommeliers and international judges. In addition to grapes, we also cultivate almonds and olives on the estate, and we release a very tiny quantity of extraordinary olive oil each year.
The famous dense slate Llicorella soils contribute to the unmistakable identity of our wines - an intense minerality - described by British wine critic Jancis Robinson as ‘like sucking stones’. The geology of the Llicorella soil accentuates drainage, forcing vine roots to grow very deep into the terrain in search of scarce water. The resulting stress on the vines influences the slow expansion of the grapes, giving character and concentration of flavors.
Costers & Terraces
The sloping profile of the landscape makes viticulture in Priorat a uniquely labour intensive process: costers and terraces are the two choices that local vintners have when planting their vines. We use both methods: A coster is a vineyard planted on a steep incline. The sloping surface retains very little water so the vines are smaller than usual and the yields are miniscule, but the grapes acquire an exceptional concentration; A terrace, on the other hand, is a slice carved into the face of the hillside to form a flat surface for planting vines. The terraced approach makes the vineyard a little easier to work, and favours water retention, helping the vines to grow.
Red & White
Our oldest vines are over 100 years old, and our primary plantings are Garnacha and Carinena. We also have small plantings of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo and Syrah. A very tiny proportion of our vines are Garnacha Blanca and Macabeu, which we use to make just one single barrel of the most exquisite white wine each year.
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Sex & Paris
Vines prefer to grow in moist and shady jungles. Our vines are starved for water, exposed on steep slate hillsides - often baking by day and freezing by night. The fruit they produce is an ongoing sexual effort to seduce birds into whisking their offspring away to a better life. It is all the more distinctive because of this. 
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